Month: November 2008

Wine to Port

We are in the beginning stages of converting some Pinot noir juice to Pinot Port(like) wine. We are very excited about the possibilities. In the meantime, things are perking along quite nicely.

Grapes are fermenting, Wine is developing

The Natasha Block fruit is all through fermentation and ready for barrel. The Jordan Block is in the early stages of fermentation. All signs still suggest a spectacular vintage! Character is still developing and reflect a subtler side of Pinot noir with wonderful balance of fruit and earth.

Harvest Celebration Winemaker's Dinner

We had an outstanding food and wine pairing event last night at Youngberg Hill. Her was the menu with several little goodies in between.


Assorted Pate Canapé
2003 Argyle Brut

Pinot Pear OregonBlue Salad with Potato Curls
2006 Youngberg Hill Pinot Blanc

Oregon Lump Crab Cakes with Mango Sauce
2007 Youngberg Hill Pinot Gris

Oregon Salmon Bisque with Caviar Island
2006 Youngberg Hill Barrel Select Pinot Noir

Wild Oregon Mushroom Ragu Basket
2004 Youngberg Hill Jordan Block Pinot Noir

Elk Loin with Pinot Pasta on Blackberry Reduction and Truffled Squash
2002 Youngberg Hill Pinot Noir

Mocha Semifreddo with Hazelnut Brittle and Lady Finger
2004 Laurel Ridge Pinot Port

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