Month: April 2009


We are basking in sunshine on Youngberg Hill as the fog sets in the valley. The vines are enjoying the warmth of the sun and growing like crazy. The cold night we had a couple of nights ago did not hurt the buds at all, so all is fine.

We are preparing for this Saturday night’s winemaker dinner here at the Inn. It is going to be decadent. We will also be at the Stephanie Inn on Sunday for a winemaker’s dinner there. What a treat.

May is shaping up to be quite a busy month with a pouring at Linfield College on the 4th, Mother’s Day open house on the 10th, a tasting at Dobbes Family Estate on the 17th, and of course Memorial Weekend Open House.

Come on up to Taste the Wine & Savor the views!


We have the Aspen and Natasha Blocks done and working in the Jordan. Will start the Camelot Block on Thursday. The vines have that grren hue on them from the new leaves. It looks beautiful.

Glorious Day!

2009-04-24-014-budsWoke up this morning to a fog filled valley, but sunshine over head. It is warming up again and the vine leafs are about an inch long. There is a lot of pent up growth in the vines.

Everything is so green and lush. Looking out across the valley you see every color imaginable.

More Wine in ’09!


A great mix of sun with brief rain mists have given us a wonderful sky of rainbows today. Although it is cooler, the leaves are starting to show in the vineyard and we have a beautiful green hue as you look across the vineyard.

Working the vineyard

2009-04-24-010-budsWith bud break in full the leaves are popping out, we are busy mowing and cultivating the ground for a great growing season.

Youtube video

Check out our new video on Youtube.

Stuck in the Mud

dsc01190dsc01196Well, on a clear day cutting the grass may sound simple to some but not when your cutting a newly planted vineyard block right next to the pond for the first time.  Little green tractor was not happy sliding into the pond and getting stuck.  Luckily my knight in his white truck (no white horses were available,) Jess Davis, came to save the day and pulled green tractor out of the mud.  Just one more fun story to tell at Youngberg Hill.

Bud Break!

Bud break has finally arrived in the vineyard. Yeh!

Buds are swelling!

The buds are getting wooly so we will do a spray tomorrow to protect the new buds. If it stays warm we may see bud break later next week. It is running late with the cool weather we have been having.

The Inn is full this weekend with wonderful guests from all over the country to enjoy our Pinot noir as well as others in the valley.


Spectacular views!

cid_d9ed7b700ecd11d8a66d806c2135aaacpicturecd1What a glorious morning it was. The valley was full of fog and we were setting on top of  it watching the sunrise as if we were on the beach overlooking the ocean.

Since there have been spectacular rainbows all day as the sun and rain have shared time in the sky.

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