Month: November 2009

Working in the vineyard!

We are putting new catch wires in the Aspen Block today, as well as, taking clips nad ties off the catch wires in the Jordan and Natasha Block in preparation for pruning. The weather has not been bad except for the gail winds and hard rain we had last night.

Olive pressing!

It’s hard for any winemaker to imagine that there is anything in life to do outside of wine but there is!  A close second to grape harvest is olive harvest that is happening this week at Red Ridge Farm Oregon’s new and first regional olive mill servicing the entire Oregon olive industry.  So much of what we do in the grape/wine industry relates to the olive industry and is a great compliment.  We had the pleasure of having a personal tour today from Tasha Byrd.  Tasha took us through the whole process from harvest to bottling both new olive oil (so fresh it needs to be used within 120 days of bottling) and filtered olive oil.    You can have an olive tasting in their showroom and enjoy their amazing views of the Red Hills of Dundee.  On your tour of wine country this is a fun stop and one to not miss along the way.  We just made homemade bread to go with our dinner of fresh olive oil!  Yum!!!!023020

Back in the vineyards doing maintenance.

DSC01190This could be trouble.

Another great morning with spectacular rainbows.

Sunset last night was beautiful and this morning began with sunshine and rainbows galor. We are celebrating 20 years today. And the release of our 2007s.DSC01401sunset

The wine is in the barrel.

This time of year always brings relief as the years hard work in the vineyard come to fruition when the wine is safely in the barrel and we can relax a little bit. Still plenty of work to do both in the winery and the vineyard, but the pressure is off.

We have a Vocation Vacation guest with us the next 3 days to find out what it is like to be a grape grower/winemaker.

We are also having a special 2007 release party for our wine club members on Saturday. And Saturday night we have our 20th anniversary winemaker’s dinner.

In the meantime, enjoying the sunrise.sunrise

What a glorious day!

Working in the vineyard, training new plants. Taking care of olive trees as well.
Guests walking up and down the drive.
All the colors are glowing in the sun.

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