Month: March 2010

Working for the Weekend

We had a great show at VinNebraska where the tasters loved the wines and we generated  alot of new Oregon Pinot noir lovers.

We also had a great showing on Sunday at the Dobbes Family Estate tasting event in Dundee, OR. They are a great partner.

Vineyard Work!

Its inline cultivating day and what a beautiful day to be on a tractor at Youngberg Hill.  Inline cultivating is when we take the tractor with a side tiller and go between each vine within the row.  This takes all the vegetation off right where the vines are and allows all the water and nutrients to be soaked up by the vines and not have any competition.  This is an organic practice that takes effort and time to do but we feel it’s the right thing for the soils and in the end the wine.  The alternative is to spray acres of round up weed/grass killer to produce the same result.   Inline cultivating will be going on for the next month in all the blocks and then typically one or two additional times though the summer.

Budbreak on Youngberg Hill Vineyards!

This is a very exciting time of year. The grape vine buds are just beginning to break open which means the new leaf growth is about to begin and from there the shoots will begin to grow. That is the beginning of the canopy.

The weather is being very cooperative and the new buds are safe. The winter was warmer than normal and spring has been warmer and dryer. We are a couple of weeks ahead of average compared to the last two years that were three to four weeks behind.

A new beginning.

I've been working in the vineyard…

Well on this beautiful day in the vineyard there was danger.  You may ask what danger.  Well if you were around last year at this time you may have remembered when the tractor slid into the pond.  Now in all fairness to the experienced tractor driver it was the first year after planting more vineyard right next to the pond and the ground was very wet.  But what is fair about having a good time with someone else’s mistake.  After all it takes the attention away from any tractor stories of my own.  We held our breath as we watched the tractor slide as it traveled down the row of vines but we stood motionless when he entered into the dreaded center row where it all fell apart last year.  As he approached the end of the row knowing that all eyes were on him he came to a crawl and inch by inch made the turn without any story this year!  Way to go!

Guys, this is as exciting as it gets when your mowing grass in the vineyard.  On a beautiful day at Youngberg Hill even mowing grass becomes something extra special.

We were one of the top five Pinot noirs in THE WINNERS OF RAY'S 18TH ANNUAL RETROSPECTIVE OF NORTHWEST.

It is always nice to see your hard work in the vineyard and in the winery rewarded by some an esteemed group of experts. It is also nice to get the appreciation of older Pinots that are aging so well in the bottle. Oregon Pinots are in many respect grown and made similar to burgundy and benefit from years in the bottle and in the cellar. Don’t forget to hide some away to relish later.


Glorious Spring Day!

It is another beautiful day up here on Youngberg Hill Vineyards & Inn. And it is day one of the NCAA Basketball Tournament. What could be better? Oh yes, a bottle of 2003 Youngberg Hill Pinot noir. Now if the glare of the sun did not interfere with the view of the TV screen.

Happy St. Parick's Day!

Drink green beer, eat green food, but please keep the wine red and white.

Back on the farm

After a busy week last week, first in Seattle for the Willamette Valley Block Party wine tasting and then back to McMinnville for our local wine and food festival, it’s good to be back on Youngberg Hill to work in the vineyard, visit with our guests, and get ready for bottling of our 2009 Pinot gris and Pinot blanc, and the 2008 Pinot noirs.

With a little more sunshine this week, we anticipate getting back into the vineyard with the tractor to get some real work done. Until then, it’s put on the boots.


We had a great weekend at SIP with all our guests and followers. Many lucky people stopped by to taste our wines, buy bottles and cases, and be eligible to win a nights stay at Youngberg Hill Inn. We are happy to announce that Ron Miller was the lucky winner of the drawing. Congratulations Ron!

Trolley Ho.

It was fun to have the new Trolley Car 503/437-5969
visit us yesterday.  There is room for 23 guests to tour wine country in style.  We look forward to having them back with us soon

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