Month: October 2010

Making Pinot in Oregon

We are all busy making pinot in Oregon and it is all hands on deck (or in it). Some fruit is still in cold soak, other lots are fermenting away, and by the end of the week we will be moving some wine to barrel. It is exciting to see the fruit making this transition and the beginnings of this transformation into wine.

Nicolette is more involved than ever this year and is helping Jess do punch downs, pushing through the must cap into the juice.

Oregon Wine Country

We are well into harvest now in Oregon Wine Country.

We harvested all our pinot girs and ½ of our pinot noir on Saturday.  With the help of many volunteers and some great staff we made it through well ahead of schedule which was nice.  We finished in the winery late but when we put our feet up at the end we knew it was a job and a vineyard year well done.  Thank you to all that come out to help and for all those who will enjoy our 2010 vintage!

TripAdvisor Award

Youngberg Hill has been honored with TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for 2010. We want to thank all our guest for the support throughout the years and for helping us be better than we were yesterday.


Who do you call when there is seeding to be done?
The Seed-O-Nator of course! Borrowed from Dave Grooters.
Check out our super hero Jess making sure the vineyard is well seeded for this winter and next year.

Oregon Wine Country

Youngberg Hill has the most amazing views in Oregon Wine Country.  They have been compared to Tuscany in so many ways and truly take our breath away every day.  There are some extra special days that make you stop in your tracks, look, and be reminded to breath in the beauty.  This morning was one of those extra special days.  As always the photos don’t do it justice.

Follow the wine maker

We will be all around Oregon pairing our wines with the culinary expertise of some of the states best chef. First, we will be in Portland at Pazzo in the Vintage Plaza hotel. Join Chef John for a culinary experience to remember. On Thursday, join us in Bend at Carinos Italian to benefit the Access Network. On Friday night, we will be heading back to on of our local restaurants in the valley, The Joel Palmer House. Chef Chris has found some wonderful seasonal mushrooms to incorporate into some special treats to pair with our estate grown wines. I hope you all can attend at least one of these fine dinners. Or be a groupie and attend all three.

Growing grapes in Oregon

The sun is shining and the grapes are maturing. We are often asked if pinot gris and pinot noir are the same grape and that the gris is just taken off the skins. The answer is that they are different grapes, in fact, gris is a color mutation of noir. Therefore, you do not see the difference until the grapes begin veraison, color change and ripening. The pinot gris ,or grey grape, is on the left.

Bike riding in Oregon Wine Country

Youngberg Hill is right on the bike route of Yamhill Valley that goes for hundreds of miles.  We have many groups stay with us all year round that enjoy a wonderful  night’s sleep while biking Oregon’s Wine Country.

2010 Harvest

Well, normally we would be gathering ourselves for the last few days of crush by now. However, this is not a normal year. The cooler weather has continued to persist and now we are getting a little wet stuff.

The fruit has been holding up quite well. As mentioned before, fruit flavors have shown themselves early and are continuing to grow in depth and intensity. We just need to get sugars up and acids down.

As of Friday, before the rain, brix were running between 17 and 19. Our target is 23 and we are typically at 21.5 to 22 by now. This suggests that we will not be harvesting soon. The weather may be the bigger determining factor. With today’s rain, we will be out tomorrow looking for evidence of botrysis (mold) and/or split grapes. If we do, we will remove that fruit and determine what we need to do to keep the rest of the fruit healthy.

We are expecting nice weather next week and until the 18th when another little front is expected, but it appears that may be short lived and then back to nice weather. It will be the weather after that that will most likely determine when we harvest.

Having said all that, our bias is to let the fruit hang and work around the weather. That means that my best guess for harvest would be the pinot gris sometime around the 21st or 22nd, the Natasha block pinot noir around the 27th or 28th, and the Jordan block around Halloween.

We’ll keep you posted.

October Wedding

October is the perfect time for a wedding in Oregon Wine Country. The air is crisp and clear.

What a beautiful day and night it was.  Mariya and Scott glowed the whole night and we were truly bless to have them and their families with us.

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