Month: July 2011

Hope on the Hill Benefit Concert

Hope on the Hill Benefit Concert will be at Youngberg Hill on Sunday July 31st at 6pm.  This outdoor evening of dinner and live music set atop the scenic views will be a night to remember.

Single Ticket – $20, couples – $35, Children 4-12 $4, children 3 & under – free.  $10 Tickets, without food, are available the night of the concert.
Lawn seating (bring a chair).  No outside food or beverages please.  For more information and tickets contact Bev at or call 503.572.1533.


Oregon Wine Press

Check out our new ad in Oregon Wine Press August / September issue.

Willamette Valley Salumeria

Passion for salami and dedication to uphold tradition are put into each Fino In Fondo product so that every bite is a taste of Italy—so that every bite is its own miniature moment of glory.

Eric and Carmen, owners of Nicks Italian Cafe, in McMinnville OR, officially began their love of salami in the Willamette Valley Wine Country.  Berkshire Yorkshire champion hogs from Madras OR have been selected for these delicacies and will be aged from 2-12 months using time-tested traditional techniques.  They are now launching their signature line for everyone to enjoy.  Youngberg Hill will be serving Fino In Fondo salami in our tasting room for our Inn guests.

Natasha's Winemaker Barrel Trial Notes

We are bottling on August 13th so we did another round of trials for the Jordan & Natasha 2010 Pinot Noir.  Below are Natasha’s, 11 year old, winemaker thoughts on the whole process;

  • Clean & sterilize tools so other people can use them.
  • Keep everything very cool.
  • Taste all Jordan Block barrels and rank them.  Some can be good but we are looking for any really good barrels.
  • It’s best to have more than one taster because some people have different opinions or catch something the other person didn’t.
  • Think about approaching it in different ways.  Try using different tactics before deciding.  Mix things up a little bit and label everything.
  • Math for portion size, fractions, & liter measuring are important.  So many numbers.
  • Natasha Block is luscious with a surprising sweetness that coats your mouth in a beautiful way. The deep color is an indication of flavor.  You don’t want the sweetness of the fruit to overwhelm.
  • Sometimes you have to make tough decisions as it’s too close to call.
  • If the smell doesn’t make you want to try it, DON’T!
  • Take great notes with lots of detail so you have a road map for what you can do next time, or maybe not do next time.

A Great Guest Wedding Review

5 of 5 starsReviewed July 20, 2011NEW

We started our search for wedding venues at Younberg Hill Vineyards and Inn. We could have stopped looking then because nothing could compare after seeing what they have to offer. The setting is incredible and the owner, Nicolette, is a great source of planning information. The wedding day and our stay there was magical. The staff is so attentive and efficient, it was the most stress free wedding ever.

Room Tip: Martini Suite has it all: view, deck, fireplace, jetted tub, sunrise. Jackson Suite comparable. Other rooms equally beautiful.

IPNC Winemaker Dinner

IPNC Winemaker Dinner at Youngberg Hill is a dinner you will not want to miss.  We are celebrating 25 years of the International Pinot Noir Celebration (IPNC) in McMinnville. This year we are celebrating both 25 years of IPNC by having Andina, one of Portland’s top restaurants, as our guest chefs.   We are also honored to have Alexandrine Roy of Domaine Marc Roy as our Burgundian guest and featured winery to host this dinner with us.

It will be a spectacular evening under the stars with great food and wine in a once-in-a-life-time combination to celebrate 25 years of IPNC.  We still have rooms available at The Inn so you can enjoy the evening and not drive home.  Advanced Reservations Required @ 503-472-2727 or
Date:  July 28, 2011 at 6:30PM /Price-$150 per person
We still have a few seats left so don’t miss this great night.


Wine Spectator Restaurant Awards

Congratulations to all those who were listed in the Wine Spectator Restaurant Awards.  Oregon awards went to a couple of our local wine country friends.  Congratulations to Chris Czarnecki of the Joel Palmer House, Kathy Stoler from La Rambla Restaurant.  Other Oregon favorites of ours are Andina in Portland, The Bay House in Lincoln City, Jacksonville Inn in Jacksonville.  If your looking for the perfect pairings for your food look no further then these wonderful restaurants that earned this award for their wine program.

Wine Country Restaurants in Oregon

La Rambla Restaurant in Oregon Wine Country is a great treat!  Known for their Tapas style menu and upbeat atmosphere.  Tapas allows for perfect pairings of wine and food, and allow diners to experience a variety of treats.  Serving fresh local ingredients from their own gardens.  They focus on Spanish influence and is full of traditional and new discoveries.  Some of my personal favorites is the Fried Green Beans with garlic aioli (a great substitute for my french fry addiction), Pan Seared Tuna with honey along side of figs and olives, and their lamb or beef skewers.  They have a full bar so you can rinse off all the wine tasting with a clean cocktail palate and then select from any of their 350 wines.

La Rambla is a quick 10 minutes from Youngberg Hill and is a guest favorite restaurant location.

How Wine Making is Like Raising Children

When I visit with guests about the growing of grapes and making wine, I often use the comparison to raising children. As with children where it starts in the womb, with the grapes, it starts in the vineyard. Work begins in January and ends in October, 9 months. During that time we are nurturing the plants, providing a safe and healthy environment for the grapes. Harvest is somewhat like child birth as we are in a state of anticipation until the day we harvest and then it gets a little crazy as we are delivering the fruit safely into the winery. On the drive back up the driveway there is a sense of depression as you are seeing the vines for the first time after harvest with no fruit on them. After caring for them for 9 months, going through the excitement of harvest, and seeing the empty vines leaves a feeling of emptiness or loss.

In the winery, the similarity is to raising children. The most important thing is to keep the wine safe, just as we do with our children. We nurture them, provide what they need, and hope they become the best they can be. However, at the same time, you cannot make them someone or something they are not. You cannot force them to do anything or they may revolt or go bad on you. Early in their lives they need closer supervision and more attention. As they grow older, the time and attention required reduces. Even after bottling, the wine continues to grow (age) and develop just as children do when they leave home for college or work. The only difference is that the nurturing of wine is a year to two year process and the nurturing of a child is a lifetime.

The Joel Palmer House

Oh, how we love the Joel Palmer House.  A PREMIER Oregon experience that is perfectly paired with Oregon Pinots.  No trip to Oregon’s wine country would be complete without dinner at this restaurant.  The experience has many guest coming from all over the country for dinner at the Joel Palmer House first then wine tasting second.  Yes, they are well known for their exquisite mushroom experience and that is just a part of what makes this experience so wonderful.  A family owned business that son Chris has taken a great restaurant to greater heights.  Making his parents, Jack and Heidi, very proud Chris has sculpted the menu to be even more farm fresh and delightful.  Every night you will see Chris coming out of the kitchen to spend time with the guests.  You will also be enchanted when served by Chris’s brother, Stephan, who will introduce you to new and tantalizing specials.  The menu changes daily but great favorites of Wild Mushroom Soup and Heidi’s Three Mushroom Tart will grab you. I LOVED the Summer Gazpacho, Yum!!!!  And if the food wasn’t enough to make you lifelong fans the wine list and pairings of great Oregon wines will remind you that in life, food and wine brighten the soul.  The Joel Palmer House makes the soul sing!

The Joel Palmer House is just  13 minutes from Youngberg Hill and a guest favorite.

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