Pruning in the vineyard

Pruning in the vineyard 1Pruning in the vineyard 2Pruning in the vineyard 3Here is the result of the last few weeks of pruning. Most all of last year’s growth has been cut off  leaving two or one fruiting cane to be tied to the fruiting wire. The cain that has been cut off is left on the ground to be chopped up and integrated back into the ground. The vines on the left are three years old with one fruiting cane. The center is 21 year old vines with two fruiting canes.

We have a great crew and they did a wonderful job. We are now doing maintenance on the wires, grafting new vines, and doing vertical plantings.

Today was a beautiful day on Youngberg Hill to be in the vineyard. Wine tastings are going on out on the porch over looking the Cascades.