The weather is great today and there is a lot of activity going on even though we are just waiting for the grapes to ripen. We are laying out the rows for the new planting in the Camelot Block, which will happen after harvest. There is also a crew working on the Aspen Block (two year old Pinot gris) putting in line posts for the trellises.

The fruit is looking wonderful and weather predictions are holding so things look great for a great vintage.

We had a guest spend two days with us last week doing our vineyard package, learning everything there is to know about growing grapes (ok, not everything) and hands on experience. She will be out again at harvest. This is the 11th vineyard package this summer.

Member Only Sunday

This Sunday, April 21st, our tasting room will be closed to the general public for a member-only event. non-club members are welcome to join us for $50 per person.