From Farm to Table in Willamette Valley

farm to tableOregon wines are meant to be on your table, enjoyed with delicious food, family, and friends.  Long before McMinnville was named a top foodie town, winemakers were hard at work creating and pairing wines with a variety of foods.  The palette-pleasing fruity qualities found in Oregon wines are the perfect complement for a wide variety of ingredients and cooking styles.  It is often said what grows together, goes together; an idea at the heart of Oregon’s farm to table movement.  That is a statement that couldn’t be truer of Oregon wines and the bountiful farm fresh produce that grows here, too.  As with the wine produced throughout the Willamette Valley, the good food found here is a direct result of the quality of each ingredient.  In Oregon, chefs and farmers work together to bring the freshest seasonal ingredients directly from farm to table, resulting in the modern day foodie paradise of Willamette Valley.  Choose to stay with us at Youngberg Hill Vineyards, and this rich abundance of farm fresh foods and handcrafted wines will be at your fingertips.

farm to tableThe soil in Oregon provides a rich growing environment for a variety of fruits and vegetables.  Most of the world’s hazelnuts and marrionberries come from Oregon farms, and our forests are full of Chanterelles, Porcinis, and truffles hiding under the Douglas firs from now until spring.  During your stay in Oregon Wine Country, don’t miss a stop at the McMinnville Public Market located in the historic Granary District, where their motto is “Get Fresh with the Locals”.  Here, you’ll have the chance to browse a great variety of vendors and sample some of the delectable goods grown and produced in the Willamette Valley, including organic produce from Denison Farms, breads and pastries from Great Harvest Breads, and other specialty food items.  Take a trip to the town of Dundee, where you can stop in to Red Hills Market, where a traditional rural market meets everything that’s fresh and fun about the Oregon food scene.  You’ll find it to be a quintessentially unique combination of market, deli, and gathering place.  If you’re looking for places to dine where farm to table is the focus, there are plenty of local fares to choose from.  For a truly unique Oregon experience, dine at Thistle, where the chefs create seasonal menus based on what is available to them throughout their Willamette Valley network of farms.  The chefs and owners of Thistle work closely with local farmers in an effort to develop sustainable agriculture, and have been one of the innovative forces behind McMinnville’s farm to table movement.  When you’re ready for something sweet, pick up some locally made chocolates at Honest Chocolates, located in downtown McMinnville.

Best of all, Oregonians produce all of this delicious food and wine in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.  Oregonians have a long legacy of preserving the state’s pristine ecology, first establishing their commitment to sustainable farming practices more than 100 years ago with the State’s first environmental law.  At Youngberg Hill Vineyards, we value the beautiful land we live and work on, and are proud of our green approach to wine country living.  We look forward to your stay with us, and sharing what makes Oregon such a special place to visit.


Member Only Sunday

This Sunday, April 21st, our tasting room will be closed to the general public for a member-only event. non-club members are welcome to join us for $50 per person.