Natasha's Winemaker Barrel Trial Notes

We are bottling on August 13th so we did another round of trials for the Jordan & Natasha 2010 Pinot Noir.  Below are Natasha’s, 11 year old, winemaker thoughts on the whole process;

  • Clean & sterilize tools so other people can use them.
  • Keep everything very cool.
  • Taste all Jordan Block barrels and rank them.  Some can be good but we are looking for any really good barrels.
  • It’s best to have more than one taster because some people have different opinions or catch something the other person didn’t.
  • Think about approaching it in different ways.  Try using different tactics before deciding.  Mix things up a little bit and label everything.
  • Math for portion size, fractions, & liter measuring are important.  So many numbers.
  • Natasha Block is luscious with a surprising sweetness that coats your mouth in a beautiful way. The deep color is an indication of flavor.  You don’t want the sweetness of the fruit to overwhelm.
  • Sometimes you have to make tough decisions as it’s too close to call.
  • If the smell doesn’t make you want to try it, DON’T!
  • Take great notes with lots of detail so you have a road map for what you can do next time, or maybe not do next time.

Natasha's Winemaker Barrel Trial Notes 1

Member Only Sunday

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