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Homemade Jam Featuring our Oregon Wines

Hello everyone! At Youngberg Hill, we believe in the power of deliciousness. Our line of Oregon wines are a testament to that belief, but as time goes on we want to expand our taste buds on to something a bit more solid; food. Wine and food have been married since the beginning of culinary history. As easily as wine and food can lift each other up, a bad pairing can tear the other’s experience down. At Youngberg Hill, we are constantly experimenting with different flavors and palette combinations to create new and unique experiences for those who are a part of our wine family.

Recently, we have developed something exclusive, from something many consider traditional. We have started making our own jams. Now, you may be wondering how anyone could revamp something so classic and timeless into something new and exciting. It was actually quite simple; we just added a touch of our Oregon wines! Continue reading

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