Bailey Family Wines Paired to Perfection

Bottle of Bailey Family Chardonnay with two glasses of wine on a table

What is wine without food? You can’t have one without the other, so, with many mouth-watering culinary options and wines that provide diverse flavors and aromas, we rely on the food we eat and the wine we drink to complement one another. We’re here to share some of our favorite foods that we love pairing with the Bailey Family Wines portfolio.

2016 Bailey Sparkling Wine | Fried Chicken Sandwich

There is a lot to say about this dynamic duo — we just can’t get enough! Just like there’s no bad time to drink champagne, the same goes for indulging in fried chicken. The 2016 Bailey Sparkling wine is made in the traditional Champagne method, producing flavors of cherry and pear that swirl around on the palate while being framed by vanilla spice and shortbread. The first sip is crisp with a refreshing fruit sweetness and on the finish, you’ll taste the complexity of this wine with notes of ripe raspberries, rose petals, apple blossom, and white peach. This wine alone will surely have your mouth watering. We’ve come to find that the freshness of the sparkling pairs flawlessly with the juicy and savory flavors of the fried chicken sandwich. The smoky fats from the chicken complements the fresh bubbles for a perfectly balanced pair. Feel free to add some fresh arugula, onion, and jack cheese to your sandwich to elevate the flavors.

Bailey Family Wines Paired to Perfection 1

2017 Bailey Chardonnay | Oysters

When it comes to Oregon in the summer, the 2017 Bailey Chardonnay paired with ocean-fresh oysters is our go-to meal. Nothing compares to a warm afternoon near the water with chilled Chardonnay in-hand and refreshing, delicious oysters to accompany it. Not only will this Oregon Chardonnay light up your glass with its bold golden hue, but your senses will also burst as soon as it hits your tongue. The beauty of this pairing comes from the teamwork of these two delicacies–the subtle creaminess and citrus from the Chardonnay suite the saltiness of the oysters impeccably. Tangerine, Meyer lemon, and pear notes from the Chardonnay glide down the palate bringing out the salty-sweetness of the oyster. These two are nothing short of a match made in heaven.

Bailey Family Wines Paired to Perfection 2

2017 Bailey Pinot Noir | Pork Ribs 

If you’re going to a dinner party, or perhaps hosting a barbeque, then pork ribs paired with the 2017 Bailey Pinot Noir should always be the answer. This match is bold, flavorful, and will have you coming back for more every single time. Our Pinot has all the flavors a delicate, lean, succulent piece of pork needs to highlight its characteristics to the fullest. Notes of oak, tobacco, blueberry, plum, and cocoa glide on the palate forcing your senses to come alive. The elegant mouthfeel and the bright tannins of the wine together complement the pork ribs resulting in pure harmony, unraveling every layer one by one.

Bailey Family Wines Paired to Perfection 3

2017 Bailey Grenache | Goat Cheese & Fruit Tartlet

With this pairing, we’re serving up the perfect appetizer or dessert! The 2017 Bailey Grenache is incredibly versatile and so is this dish. These goat cheese and fruit tartlets are the perfect mix between sweet and savory making it the ideal Grenache companion. The crust is a buttered, crisp puff pastry with strawberry and raspberry jam on the inside and a dollop of whipped goat cheese on top. The ruby-red Grenache shares aromas of strawberry, grilled plum, and a touch a black pepper. With the first sip, you can almost taste raspberry tart off the bat along with orange zest, butter crust, cashews, and salted caramel. These two are an undeniable marriage dancing in your mouth. Bailey Family Wines Paired to Perfection 4

We hope these four pairings have landed a spot in your cookbook by now! As for the wines, come try them for yourself at the winery for a private wine and cheese pairing with winegrower and winemaker Wayne Bailey himself and see what we’re talking about! Wayne Bailey not only set out to create the most elegant wines that Oregon has to offer, but the wines that pair perfectly with all of your favorite dishes. Cheers!

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