Da Beach is Da Bomb

The beach is the bomb when you squeeze in a one day vacation from the glorious surrounds of Youngberg Hill and Oregon’s wine country.  It is only about an hour away and at an off the path community of Pacific City.  It is the home of the Dory Fleet and some of the best surfing on the Pacific coast.

The drive to the sea is a real joy in a nice sports car.  The roads winds along the Little Nestucca River as you meander through the coastal rainforest.

Da Beach is Da Bomb 1I took a quick trip there today to see what the sea was offering and here is what I was greeted with:

This is one of several “Hay Stack Rocks“ on the Oregon Coast.  Twice a year you can watch the sunset in the arch on the north side of the rock.  An even more amazing thrill is to watch a member of the dory fleet returning from a day’s fishing.  The captain literally tries to beach the boat as far ashore as the waves, his speed and draft will allow.  They do come to a very quick stop when beached and the long winch to the trailer begins.

But the fun part of the beach is the wave action and how the rocks water and light create amazing fountains of foam.

Yes it was a great day for a long walk on the beach and to chill down the computer at the top of my neck.

And any trip to PC requires the pint of Doryman’s stout from the Pelican Pub and Brewery.  Check out their web site as they have a web cam of the beach:  http://www.yourlittlebeachtown.com/pelican.

Well I have just enough time to buzz through the sand dunes, watch a few more waves and return back to town for meetings and dinner.

Yes, wine country is spectacular in so many ways but to have an ocean less then an hour away is just the best of both worlds!

What is your favorite experience at the beach?

Da Beach is Da Bomb 2


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