Win a Getaway to Willamette Wine Country!

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Imagine yourself: feet up, laid back, gazing at gorgeous vineyards while sipping on some of the most elegant wines made in Oregon. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, now is your chance to make it a reality! Bailey Family Wines is giving three people a chance to win the grand prize trip of a lifetime to the Willamette Valley, Oregon wine country. Second place prize is a VinGardeValise® 12-bottle wine suitcase provided by FlyWithWine, and third place is a set of Bailey Family Wine Pinot Noir glasses.

Grand Prize | 1 Winner

If you haven’t visited the Willamette Valley, now could be your chance! The valley contains two-thirds of Oregon’s wineries and vineyards and is known as one of the premier Pinot Noir-producing regions in the world. In the Bailey Family Wine portfolio, winemaker and winegrower, Wayne Bailey, makes an extraordinary Pinot Noir that you could have the chance to taste by entering the sweepstake. During your grand prize weekend, you will get a complimentary two-night stay for two guests and homemade breakfast at Youngberg Hill. A quaint, lovely, family-owned inn on top of a hill in McMinnville, Oregon overlooking the Bailey Family Wine’s estate vineyards. After breakfast, you will be taken on a VIP vineyard tour by Wayne Bailey himself. You will get to witness the vineyards in which the Bailey grapes are grown and see first-hand how Wayne’s biodynamic winegrowing practices come to life. Following the tour will be a private tasting of Bailey Family Wines. Wayne will lead you through all four wines including the 2016 Sparkling, 2017 Chardonnay, 2017 Grenache, and the 2017 Pinot Noir. You’ll learn the process of how these wines are made, how the label was brought to life, and where Wayne’s passion for creating the most elegant wines in Oregon stems from. 

Following the tasting, you will get the chance to visit other local wineries in the area courtesy of A Vineyard Wine Tour. Enjoy complimentary transportation while discovering the beautiful wines of Oregon wine country. After your enjoyable day of wine tasting, you and your plus one will get to indulge in a complimentary dinner for two in downtown McMinnville at The Barberry.

Win a Getaway to Willamette Wine Country! 1

But wait…that’s only day one! You have a whole second day to explore the Willamette Valley, and what better way to do that then from up above. That’s right, Tours DeVine by Heli will be taking you on the helicopter tour of a lifetime! Your tour includes breakfast bites and bubbles, a gourmet picnic lunch, and, the best part, a scenic view of the spectacular Willamette Valley. Talk about the most extraordinary experience! 

Win a Getaway to Willamette Wine Country! 2

Second Place Prize | 1 Winner

Aren’t you tired of wrapping your wine in clothes while you travel or carrying six heavy bottles to your friend’s dinner party? We have the perfect solution: The VinGardeValise® 12-bottle travel suitcase from FyWithWine is versatile, durable, stylish and will have all of your wine-loving friends in awe. It is the best way to protect your wine when traveling because of its secure inserts that fit your wine bottles to perfection. It comes in three sleek colors with a TSA-compliant protective lock so you won’t have any trouble checking it while you fly. 

Win a Getaway to Willamette Wine Country! 3

Third Place Prize | 1 Winner

Lastly, the third-place prize is a set of Bailey-branded Oregon Pinot Noir wine glasses. You truly can’t experience an Oregon Pinot Noir to its fullest without this specific type of wine glass. The shape of the bowl allows the bouquet to develop fully and the slightly flared top lip maximizes the fruit flavors by directing a precise flow onto the front palate — they are also extremely sleek and elegant looking, working wonderfully for more than just Pinot Noir! 

Win a Getaway to Willamette Wine Country! 4

So, what are you waiting for? Now is your chance to enter our Willamette Valley sweepstake! Don’t miss your opportunity to win a wine lover’s ideal getaway, the ultimate wine travel suitcase, or a glorious set of Bailey-branded Oregon Pinot Noir wine glasses. Bonus: Refer friends with your custom link and you could receive up to five bonus entries. Good luck!


Member Only Sunday

This Sunday, April 21st, our tasting room will be closed to the general public for a member-only event. non-club members are welcome to join us for $50 per person.